Your Complete Car Wash Construction and Operations Resource

Building a Car Wash

With over 25 years experience in daily operations and construction, AutoWash Services can help with your new project. We look at key elements like traffic counts, traffic patterns, ingress and egress on your new property.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff will take the guess work out of the equation and give you peace of mind. Let us help with your site layout to obtain optimum performance and ROI.

Remodeling a Car Wash

Is your car wash old and dated looking and in desperate need of a remodel?

Our experienced technicians will get your car wash up-to-date and running efficiently once again. Having an updated car wash will produce a cleaner car, increase through-put, minimize downtime, give you a competitive advantage, and provide a new and improved customer experience!

Car Wash Equipment

When it comes to car wash equipment, it is critical to limit the variables and use high quality materials that result in less downtime. At AutoWash Services, we supply our car wash clients with the very best, high quality commercial car wash equipment available on the market.

We have everything from dual belt conveyors, to cloth for your brushes, and everything in between! Every piece of equipment that is ordered through us is the highest quality and will increase your car wash profitability, guaranteed.

Equipment & Supplies